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Umbrella supports street-based culture by providing fiscal sponsorship, bookkeeping, insurance, and guidance to some of Portland's most vibrant and scrappy transportation, art, and activist projects.

Who We Are


We provide fiscal sponsorship to projects to incorporate their work into our mission, which allows it to fall under our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. That means donors will be able to write-off donations associated with those projects on their taxes.

We pop up to provide protection when needed and disappear when not -- just like an umbrella.

Meet Our Projects


We currently have 15 projects that we would love to tell you more about and connect you with.

Plus, you'll also be able to donate to any specific project of your choice.

Apply For Sponsorship


We're an all-volunteer organization and, in order to be effective, we need to keep our focus tight.


With very few exceptions, our projects are all:

  • In the City of Portland, and

  • Street or Public Space-based.

Think your project is a good match?

Read up on the details here:

Umbrella is powered by volunteers, donations, and our projects. We are grateful for any amount you wish to give.



PO Box 14442

Portland, OR 97293


Thanks for submitting!

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